We are living through an extraordinary time in UK politics.

Parliament and the country at large have been divided by the Brexit issue and we are all finding it hard to see a clear way forward. Every idea put forward by one side of the debate provokes a strong reaction from the other detailing everything that is wrong with that idea. This cycle cements division and the politicians' pleas for the country to 'come together' seem self serving and hollow.

Most people are just bored of the issue. It has dominated politics, the news and conversation. It has stopped us getting on with anything else when there is so much to be done to move the country forward.

Something has to happen to break the political deadlock and give us the chance to unite again as a country. And whatever happens must be endorsed by the people. It has to feel like common sense. 

This is a momentous decision.


When we make small decisions in life we still ‘double-check’ whether we are doing the right thing.

Have you got your keys? … double-check.
Is that milk ok? … double-check.
Did you turn the oven off?…  double-check.

It is our natural instinct to double-check things to make sure we have got something right or to avoid making a mistake. Why wouldn’t we ‘double-check’ a decision as important as this?

Only a second referendum can give us the opportunity to make that ‘double-check’.
Some would say - 'but we had a vote, to vote again would deny democracy’. 
But to double-check is common sense. 
We must not let our instinct to double-check an important decision be seen as a denial of democracy.

And this makes sense whatever side of the debate you are on. Knowing what we know now, if the view in the country has altered - then thank goodness we made the double- check! But if we vote again and confirm the decision to leave, then everyone has to accept it.


No more arguments.

If you would like to give the country the opportunity to double-check this decision then help us communicate this to as many people as possible. Please repost this appeal and give whatever you can so that we can promote the double-check to a wider audience.

Thank you.

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